Life Long Health and Wellbeing

Health is the foundation for a lifetime of well-being. Health is more than the mere absence of disease— it is an evolving human resource that helps children and adults adapt to the challenges of everyday and interact with their surroundings in ways that promote successful development. Mobile and wireless technologies have led to new and exciting innovation in building better health solutions.

Entries in this category should focus on new or reimagined solutions for patients, communities, and/or those involved in the continuum of care (caregivers, doctors, hospitals, insurers, employers), and might address areas as diverse as chronic disease management; Health IT interoperability; analytics and decision support for quality; safety, and access to care; or advances in pediatric healthcare and healthy aging to name a few.

Smart Cities and Healthy Communities

Connectivity has become ubiquitous. We live, work and play in a digital community and are engaged in constant interaction within and without this community. From better navigation to hyper local crowd engagement to customized retail experiences, innovative solutions are waiting to be explored in this category. Urban centers are increasingly being called upon to address the escalating demands of so many future inhabitants living, working, driving, and interacting with each other.

Entries in this category should focus on solutions for individuals, communities, business and community stakeholders, and government service providers. Solutions might address inclusion, engagement, safety, efficiency, utility, policy, resilience, response, or anything which has the ability to improve the quality of life in communities. While some solutions in this space are geared towards integration of controls, sensors, analytics, and communication with physical elements or services deployed at scale. Other solutions might empower small communities to engage and have impact in novel and agile ways by leveraging, serving, and effecting community members directly.

Socio-Technical Systems and Human-Technology Frontier Innovation

A socio-technical system (STS) is a social system operating on a technical base, e.g. email, chat, bulletin boards, blogs, Wikipedia, E-Bay, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Hundreds of millions of people use them every day.

Entries in this category will demonstrate new platforms, services, and devices ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Automotive and Wearable Computing devices, Mixed and Augmented Reality, data science and analytics, collaboration and communication tools. While this category focuses on the technologies themselves entries are expected to demonstrate a viable application or service in order to be competitive.